Office de Tourisme des Coteaux du Jura


The small village of Ladoye-sur-Seille is at the bottom of a « cirque » which shapes the site of the Haute Seille blind valleys as well as those of Baume-les-Messieurs and Blois-sur-Seille. The village has 9 mills and factories working thanks to the water of the river Seille and its tributaries (flour-mill, oil-mill, forges, sawmill, hemp-mill, threshers, turnery, electricity production…). Nowadays, numerous vestiges give evidence of this glorious past : several buildings, wheels made up of paddles and buckets and the millers’ canal crossing the village.  An association “Les Amis du Canal de Ladoye-sur-Seille” organizes activities linked with this heritage (the mills’ festival, visit of the village).

Ladoye’s blind valley is labelled Natura 2000 (a kind of certification which protects the blind valleys in Haute Seille and the one of Baume-les-Messieurs).

Address : 34 Place de l'Église, 39210 Ladoye-sur-Seille

GPS coordinates: Latitude : 46.762192 | Longitude : 5.683488