Office de Tourisme des Coteaux du Jura


Mirebel Castle, one of the most considerable in the Jura, has existed since the 12th century. The first wellknown lord in Mirebel was Gérard 1st  de Vienne, contemporary to King Philippe Auguste. He was Count Guillaume de Vienne’s son and Rainaud III, Count of Burgundy’s nephew.

Mirebel’s Castle with its grounds and rights, despite numerous contingencies linked to conflicts between feudal lords, stayed the property of the Viennes (one of the most powerful family of Counts and cousins of the Chalons) until the 15th century. In 1280, Jean 1st de Vienne used Mirebel Castle as his home. In 1293, he granted Mirebel village a franchise charter. Henri de Vienne, his grandson, also lived in Mirebel, from 1364 to his death. Caught by Brisebarre, he was released by the knighthood of the Count. Worth noting, Mirebel parish church, old “castrale” chapel, is under Saint-André.

The access is possible from the church carpark which overlooks the village. The path leading to the rocky promontory where the Castle is settled is livened up with a botanical path which indexes about 80 species, easily visible because they are painted on the signs.

Address : 81-91 Rue du Pré, 39570 Mirebel,

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 46.70124 | Longitude : 5.73485