Office de Tourisme des Coteaux du Jura
Office de Tourisme des Coteaux du Jura

The Bresse, land of ponds and forests

Mainly covered with lobe-leaved trees and interspersed with numerous ponds of various sizes, the (Jurassian) Bresse is green, wet and wild, a well-preserved and somewhat mysterious heaven for hikers. Once an impenetrable zone, the waterline being close to the bottoms of the trees, it is now a harmonious area, in a rich environment whose fragile biodiversity includes remarkable and unusual flora and fauna.

Natura 2000: 80% of the territory

Ponds and forests are a natural heritage and a wild area where the fauna and flora have been preserved. Several measures have been taken under the European label « Natura 2000 » to protect the environment, which proves the importance and the fragility of the biodiversity around the ponds. 30 villages out of 37, which means 80% of the territory, enforce the measures.                                

Ponds mean fishbreeding 

Fishbreeding is a lot more than net fishing. It also is skills, history and a major role for the environment. Fish breeding has been a qualified job since the Middle Ages. As a human heritage it helps preserving humid areas and the biodiversity present in and around the ponds. Task which requires specific skills that have been unchanged for centuries.