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Vin jaune : the yellow gold of the Jura...

Vin Jaune (yellow wine), previously called “vin de garde” or wine to keep, is made uniquely from the Savagnin grape variety. It is produced under the AOCs of Arbois, L’Etoile, Cotes du Jura but principally under the AOC Chateau Chalon, birthplace and grand cru of this wine.

The 50 hectares of the AOC Chateau Chalon are cultivated in the communes of Chateau Chalon, Menetru-le-Vignoble, Domblans and Nevy-sur-Seille.

The character of Vin Jaune is linked on one hand to its “terroir” and the use of the Savagnin grape only, and on the other, to its specific method of production. During the ageing phase of its production, which is carried out in oak barrels for a minimum period of 6 years and 3 months, part of the wine evaporates (called “the angel’s share”) and a layer of yeast is formed on the surface. This acts to protect the wine from oxidation and gives it its very special and unique taste, the “goût de Jaune”.

The wine is then conditioned in a very specific bottle, known as a “clavelin”, which contains 62cl, as opposed to the standard 75cl.

Since 1997, the celebration of the “Percée du Vin Jaune” has taken place on the first weekend of February. This festival changes location each year to another winemaking village in the Jura. It is a huge festival organized in honour of this exceptional wine at the moment when the symbolic barrel is pierced at the end of the obligatory period of maturing (6 years and 3 months).

More information on this great festival. 


Vine conservatory : a means of conserving viticultural heritage...

In 2007 a project to create a vine conservatory in Chateau Chalon was launched. The aim is toconserve the viticultural heritage of the past generations that has been passed down.

It is a long term project (10 to 15 years) which will enable the conservation of the biodiversity of vines for future selection.

This vine conservatory is one of the largest in France. There are around 50 different grape varieties which are essentially Jurassian.

The conservatory is tended by the winemakers with the help of the commune of Chateau Chalon and of the Community of Communes of the Coteaux de la Haute Seille.

However, it is important to note that wines can only be made from these vines on an experimental basis. It is possible to obtain information on the vine conservatory during a group guided tour of Chateau Chalon – Contact : Christelle This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +33 (0)3 84 24 65 01.


The Maison de la Haute Seille

Perched on the Chateau Chalon rocks, the Maison de la Haute Seille takes you on a voyage of discovery around this exceptional region, fashioned over the course of geological time… More than just a change of scenery, this is time travel!

In one of the historical houses in the village of Chateau Chalon, start a voyage of discovery of the region of the Haute Seille that is FUN and INTERACTIVE for visitors of  all ages, with film clips, audio clips and exhibitions.

Linger in the themed sections  which present not only the characters that have made the history of this area, but the exceptional natural and viticultural heritage. 

In the superb vaulted cellars of the Maison the film “The mystery of Vin Jaune” is shown (14 mins). Directed by M. Perrey and P. Bourquin, the film was awarded the prize for “Paysage et Environnement” (Landscape and Environment) at the 2008 Oenovideo Festival. Following the film, we invite you to have a taste of this “yellow gold” of the Jura...


Discovery  on three levels

Ground Floor

At the entrance to the building there is a reception desk. There you can find a variety of tourist brochures and information, free of charge. There is also a small souvenir shop.

An area for small children is available where you will find tactile screens, a talking book, games called “quizz” and “memory”, building games and jigsaw puzzles on the different local jobs and on animals... An internet terminal enables those who wish to connect with the websites of the partners of the museum.

Visitors also have access to the terrace and gardens, from where there are exceptional views across the vineyards and the entrances to the Haute Seille blind valleys (reculées).


The Upper Floor

The history of Chateau Chalon, and notably its abbey, is explained to visitors by means of interactive panels.

The roof frame of the building – itself classified as an Historical Monument – can be seen and admired thanks to a clever system of lighting.

The accent is equally on the neighbouring abbey of Baume les Messieurs, whose village was previously called Baume les Moines.

Visitors will also discover certain ancestral crafts that have been preserved; those of stone masonry and dry stone walling, etc. The ritual of tapping the barrels of Vin Jaune is also included.

Take a break and listen to the tales of the local inhabitants of the Haute Seille area, who tell you their stories.

Large wall panels explain on one hand, the geological composition of the area which is so specific and in part responsible for the diverse landscapes: blind valleys, plateaus, valleys, plains etc., and on the other hand, there are the fossils that are contained in this area as well. Finally, there are temporary exhibitions (photos, paintings) on display in the centre of the room to admire.


The Cellar

In the superb vaulted cellar, the various interactive barrels placed along the walls allow the visitor to discover the different AOC vineyards in the Jura, as well as how these particular wines are made.

The film “Le Mystère du Vin Jaune” is then shown on the large screen. Remember that this was awarded the “Paysages et Environnement” prize at the 2008 Oenovideo Festival!

Finally, the icing on the cake, an optional taste of Vin Jaune is offered at the end of this voyage of discovery.

Below, watch a clip from the film “le Mystère de Vin Jaune”:


The School of Days Gone By

A very original place to visit with the scent of days past...

At the School of Days Gone By you can relive the atmosphere, the furniture and the teaching materials from 1880 to 1930. Discover – or rediscover! – the pleasure of writing with a quill pen, the exercise books of the children, the school textbooks and the documents of the schoolmaster or mistress of the time.


The School of Days Gone By is open to the public during July and August, as well as on certain Saturday or Sunday mornings. Outside these opening times, please contact the Maison de la Haute Seille

+33 (0)3 84 24 76 05 : (guided tours possible for iindividuals according availabilities, or for groups on booking). 

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